Profit Optimisation - our overall aim is to maximise your profits through cost saving initiatives and to grow revenues through pricing strategies and new business opportunities.

Stakeholder Engagement - with a wide network across the music industry we can put you in touch the the right people

Investment Raising - building out your business plan, modelling out your financials and parenting with VCs and investors

Financial Planning - we will sit down with your business, model out the dynamics and forecast out over time then assess how the business is progressing

Pricing​ - performing a margin analysis of your product range and see whether prices are fully optimised and satisfying the demand for your product/service.

Supplier Re-negotiations - if needed we can partner with the business to negotiate the right costs from your suppliers. We understand the importance of good supplier relationships.

Business Partnering - liasing with your outsourced accountant or internal team to make sure the right questions are asked and that the business is being represented accordingly.

FX Optimisation - if you pay/receive money to/from overseas we will work as your FX broker to make sure you are getting the best conversion rates.

Project Management - we have solid experience in transformational programmes and restructures as well as managing operations. We will manage your project to be delivered on time.

Management Reporting - creating bespoke financial reports so you can see at a glance how your business is truly performing 

We offer flexible support from, 1 day to several days per month, with solid experience in the below: